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eTechSchoolBus is complete school bus security solution. According to a survey, it has been found that parents are extremely worried about their children when they are on the way to school in school bus. The key reason of worrying is increase in crime; rush driving of school bus driver etc. Hence the tracking of school bus is ultimate solution. eTechSchool Bus provides RFID based location updates of your children whether your child has reached school or not. GPS device installed in vehicle gives current location of school bus. eTechSchool Bus product is designed specifically for the real time movement tracking, knowing when students got picked or dropped from the bus. SMS alerts are sent to parents on the arrival of the bus as well as when a student is picked or dropped.

How it works?

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A smart card (nametag) is provided to each student. Smart Card contains student information. At the entrance of the bus, RFID card reader will be provided (Internally its connected with GPS Device). Students need to flash the smart card (nametag),
  • while entering into the bus at pick-up point (Pickup)
  • while leaving from bus at a school (Pickup)
  • while entering into the bus after school (Drop)
  • while leaving bus at drop point (Drop)

  • A sms will be sent in each of the above cases. Parents can check exact location of bus on online software of eTechSchool Bus. Individual UserID and password will be provided to parents. Parents will be able to check the bus location of their child only. User Id and password will also be provided to school administrators, so that they will be able to check location of all buses.


    Live tracking ie. the system provides real-time location data that displays the movement of the bus along with the date and time stamp, direction, speed and number of students in the bus on a map.

    For Parents: Track the child getting in/out of the bus and entering or leaving the School.

    Many more alerts can be configured with the system in cases such as:
  • If their child/employee does not board the bus when it leaves from the school/office
  • If bus takes a halt between school and home
  • If the bus breaks down
  • If bus is deviated from it’s path
  • Emergency (Panic) Button
  • Supports multiusers
  • GPS device with internal battery back – up
  • Stores data upto 120 days
  • Regular and up-to-date reports of vehicles

  • Benefits:

  • Parents become aware on the whereabouts of the school bus
  • School management remains informed about location, speed of school bus with information of students travelling in bus
  • Parents remain informed about real time location of bus and pick – up and drop updates of their child via sms on mobile phones
  • Availability of Panic button to inform school administrators/bus controllers in case of emergency
  • Reporting on vehicle performance over user specified time interval
  • Remote Immobilization : Remotely stop your vehicle
  • Real time, multiple vehicle tracking for schools

  • Contact: Sagar Deshmukh | | +91-8888811661,+91-8888811663,+91-8888811664

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